• Are you pregnant and scared .....resentful .......angry?
  • Your whole world changing and don’t want to face it?
  • Want yesterday again?
  • Who will listen and really understand how upset you are?
Birthright cares! We offer you our services
  • Free and confidential counselling
  • Anonymous pregnancy test
  • Information on shelter homes, schooling, ante natal care and adoption
  • Basic legal and medical information
  • Free maternity clothes
  • Free baby clothes
  • Referral for professional counselling should it be necessary
  • We care about YOU and your baby and you don’t have to face this crisis alone
  • We give as much or as little assistance as you need or desire
  • We help you think about your future and that of your baby
  • We are a loving caring alternative to abortion.
The History Of Birthright

Birthright was founded in October 1968 by Louise Summerhill, a Canadian housewife who became aware of the lack of alternatives to abortion. Her decision to provide a service of love and acceptance led to the opening of a crisis centre in her hometown of Toronto. As a result of Louise Summerhill’s visit to South Africa in 1976, Birthright of Durban was founded in 1977, followed by Birthright of Johannesburg in 1978.

Birthright in South Africa
Birthright is an independent, non-sectarian movement staffed by trained volunteers.
Birthright offers a loving, caring, listening presence to anyone who is pregnant and distressed, or those concerned about someone who is pregnant. The father of the baby is often in as much need of a caring listener as the pregnant girl.
Abortion is usually the first and often the only option considered and even encouraged by society, friends and family. At Birthright we talk about other more constructive ways to address the challenge of being unexpectedly and unhappily pregnant.
Because Birthright places a high value on discretion and confidentiality, we find those who approach us are more fully able to explore their emotions and questions concerning their pregnancy.
Our non-judgemental and unpressured approach helps the women who consult us to find a solution to their problems in a constructive way supported by caring, emotional and practical support.
The Problem
  • Young girls and women in crisis due to an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.
The Need
  • To be able to talk to someone in confidence.
  •  To know the resources and options available to them.
  • To understand all their alternatives.
  • Enable them to make an informed choice.
  • To find a friend.
The Solution
  • Birthright accepts volunteers of any race or creed. All volunteers are required to read, understand and commit to the Charter of Birthright and have a sincere desire to help pregnant women without expecting any reward or admiration in return.
  • If you feel you could be a Birthright volunteer these are the ways in which you could help:
    • Collecting and maintaining maternity and baby wear
    • Secretarial   
    • Advertising/Publicity
    • PRO
    • Sewing or Knitting   
    • Fund raising
    • Act as an advisor (this means doing the counselling course)
    • Prayer
  • Birthright offers full counselling training courses to enable the volunteer to be confident and competent when dealing with a pregnant girl in crisis.
  • Birthright is a non profit organisation staffed by trained volunteers and is funded by individual and corporate donations.
  • Monetary donations as well as gifts of maternity and baby clothes are gratefully accepted.
  • As a non profit charitable organisation we issue receipts for tax purposes.
  • To make a donation, you can either call our office in Johannesburg or Durban, or deposit your donation into the following account:

    ACCOUNT: Birthright South Africa
    BANK: Nedbank Limited
    BRANCH: Brand Road
    BRANCH CODE: 17430500
    ACCOUNT #: 31460896
Birthright Johannesburg
Tel: 079 742 8861
Address: Office 14, 4th Floor
Progress House
110 Bordeaux Drive
Office Hours: Call for an appointment
Birthright Durban
Tel: 081 418 5414
Address: 171 Bulver Road
Office Hours:
Mon - Wed: 9am - 12pm
Thu: 9am - 4pm
Fri: 9am - 12pm
Sat: By Appointment
"It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth...and the right of every child to be born."